Our Technologies


For most people “printing company” means a classical offset printing company. This is also true of us. We produce high-sales flyers, publications, leaflets, tags, business cards, notepads, stationery, envelopes, advertising bags (paper bags), folders and similar products with two B2 offset presses (of two and four cylinders), and with the related binding unit and highly qualified professionals.


Our digital machines and the expertise of our digital press operator guarantee perfect quality even for products made in a low number of copies. Our digital presses (colour KONICA MINOLTA C6000, XEROX 800 – soon and XEROX black digital) have a high performance for a heavy workload. Our 2016 development plans include a new XEROX digital press capable of printing 6+1 colours in this unit. This new machine will allow us to digitally print silver, gold and UV lacquer for the first time.


Our key figures are 160, 55, 3. Our deco unit includes three professionals with more than 55 years of combined experience. In addition to our 160 cm wide printer and warm laminator, in 2016 we will install a 3.2 meter wide dual head wide format printer for banners, boards, 3D letters and vehicle decorations – a routine job for our seasoned staff. So we continuously search for new opportunities and challenges.

Every good project starts with a good idea. We also know that. That is why our graphic design team helps our customers. We find the key elements of good looks. Overall image or only a flyer? It’s all the same for our company. We satisfy all customer needs, whatever they are. Our expert staff checks every graphic material we receive for a professional end product. If there’s no creative plan, they make one as necessary.

If you want your partners to tell the world about your company’s professionalism…
In addition to printing products, it is inevitable to apply a variety of advertising products for perfect corporate or business communication. We strive to give our customers everything in professional quality in a single place. To do this, we make emblems for T shirts and various textiles, clothes, pens, advertising bags, umbrellas, USB sticks and almost anything. A wide array of products and high quality – things we never give up.